Articles I’ve written have appeared in New York Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Business Week, Modern Farmer, Urban Farm, and a multitude of other publications. Lately, my published writing has focused on food, home care, and small-scale agriculture. I’ve written about raising ducks and rabbits, canning fruits and vegetables, installing split-rail fences, bread-baking, environmentally conscious restaurateurs, farming in New York City and Boston, saffron production on Sardinia, and much more. You can find links to several of these articles on the Portfolio page.

I’ve always made my living as a writer, starting with about 10 years as a reporter and editor for a couple of New Jersey newspapers, the Associated Press, and the New York Post. Later, I ran my own technical writing consulting business, then worked as a principal technical writer for one of the world’s largest software companies. Throughout all that, I was also freelancing.

Home for me is New York City most of the time and Vermont for the rest of it. I travel frequently throughout the United States and to other parts of the world. Wherever go, I look for new information and insights about growing and preparing food, taking care of each other and our home planet, and enjoying life – all of it good material for more writing.