Tale of Two Kitties: Epilogue

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Cady is now ensconced in a warm, loving home in Southold, NY, near the tip of Long Island’s North
Fork. Cady and her new human housemate, who wants to remain anonymous on the internet, both seem to be more than happy with the arrangement.Cady Asleep

Over seven weeks that Cady spent with us, there were times when I thought she and Zoe, the cat who has lived with us for more than four years, would eventually become friends, or at least achieve peaceful coexistence. Cady’s aggression Zoe was abating, slowly. For the last couple of weeks, I even let Cady roam the house untethered sometimes. Still, the squirt bottle of water that I kept at my side had to be deployed a few times when Cady ran at Zoe.

Unfortunately, the fear Cady’s aggression aroused in Zoe never did diminish much, and each new charge by Cady erased any progress that might have occurred since the last one. (Zoe hissed and spit ferociously but never charged or attacked. Who knew she was a pacifist?) Even this week, when she had to cross a room with Cady in sight, Zoe would hug the wall and proceed almost in a crawl. She hid under our bed most of the time, did not greet us at the door with rollovers and stretches as is her custom, and ate far less than usual. I had grown quite attached to Cady, who is sweetly affectionate and perfect in every respect except where Zoe is concerned, but Zoe’s unhappiness was obvious and persistent and could not be ignored or wished away.

I had no sooner vowed to take Cady to a no-kill shelter with a sterling recommendation for adoption than our beloved friend Chiemi Karasawa came to the rescue unbidden. Chiemi (who likes cats but is allergic to them) posted Cady’s picture and plight on Facebook and immediately got an enthusiastic inquiry from one of her 1,215 Facebook friends. After a little back-and-forth via email and telephone, Lynne and I drove Cady to Southold yesterday. Cady’s new mother has designated Chiemi as the cat’s godmother. Cady now has not only two new protectors but also a new name; her new mother says she will be known henceforth as Katie Chiemi.

Zoe, once again secure in the knowledge that our household revolves around her, is already back to being her old, wonderful self.

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  1. Tacie
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    Wow, “All is well that ends well”, but what a journey. This is a wonderful happy-ending story–for all parties involved.

    Good job everyone!

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