Singing For Joy

On Monday nights from September into May, I join the other members of The Art Mob for a couple of hours of singing. These get-togethers are rehearsals for the six public concerts we perform every year. Singing for our loyal fans makes my heart swell, but even if we never performed for an audience I wouldn’t want to miss the rehearsals.

ThYucatan Altoe Art Mob’s singers, who number 14 at present, have diverse musical backgrounds. Some have luscious trained voices and have performed professionally, and most have sung in other choruses. I have a passable alto voice and a decent sense of pitch, but until I joined the group in 2008, a couple of teenage years in a church choir and a lifetime of accompanying the car radio were the whole of my own singing experience. I’ll never be a Patsy Cline or an Ella Fitzgerald, but I don’t have to be, because it isn’t about me. Talented though some of the singers are, we produce a sound that none of us could make alone, and there’s a synergy to it.

Singing with the group has enriched my life in so many ways. Singing decently requires strict concentration, so it provides a sort of stress relief; if I walk into rehearsal full of anxiety or frustration, the music and the effort to sing well soon override it, and I leave feeling better. Memorizing the music and words for all the songs in two programs a year also helps to keep my brain in shape. Most of those songs are old and obscure, so I have some wonderful music in my head that I’d never have learned on my own. Singing on my feet gives my lungs and legs a workout and improves my posture. Singing gives me emotional exercise, too; every program we put perform includes at least one song that moves me to tears whenever we sing it and others that delight me with their silliness. Having the music in my throat and in my ears makes me happy.

Then, too, there’s the camaraderie. Singing with The Art Mob has given me friendships with some of the kindest, funniest, and most creative people on this planet.

Our next concerts are May 20-22. You’ll find details on the Next Concerts page of our website.


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  1. Alma
    | Reply

    Looking forward of hearing you sing on May 22.

  2. Tacie
    | Reply

    Cheryl: A little hokey but true; you make my heart sing. Your presence in my life is a source of joy and inspiration–“a great example of how to be”.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing you at the Spring concert.

  3. Tacie
    | Reply

    Cheryl: You are the music in my life. I am touched by your words and the way you live your life. I completely agree with Chiemi.

    I will see you at the Spring concert.

  4. Mickey
    | Reply

    With the heart of music in my life also I appreciate the opportunity to agree with everything you said. Though my instrument is a guitar the same senses sweep over me when I strap it on. You however said it more eloquently than I would ever be able to.
    Love you Sis…I also love watching you with the Mob and will try to get there in May.

  5. Clancy
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Cheryl. And thanks for the music! I’m missing the concerts this year due to travel, but look forward to your program for the fall/winter of 2016!

    • Cheryl Morrison
      | Reply

      And I am so enjoying your posts from your travels! Let’s try again to get together the next time you are in town.

  6. Gaynor
    | Reply

    Everyone in The Art Mob adores you and thinks we are the lucky ones. Often my week’s highest point is singing next to you! And in every day in every way we are getting better and better. xmooches to you. Fellow Alto Gaynor

    PS Love the Alto sign. About time we have some respect and signage.

  7. Chiemi
    | Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful testimony! And for always setting such a great example of how to be.

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